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Why You Need to Stop Using LinkTree and Craft Your Own Unique Instagram Landing Page Instead

August 8, 2023

In the realm of Instagram, where outbound links are limited, platforms like Linktree have emerged to simplify content promotion. However, at Crafted Creative, we believe there's a better way to captivate your audience and drive engagement without relying on external services.

Let's delve into the reasons why steering clear of Linktree and similar services is a recommend strategic move. We'll then unveil a seamless process to design your personalised Instagram landing page that reflects your brand identity and fosters a deeper connection with your followers.


An Instagram landing page, accessible via a link in your bio or a sponsored post, serves as a standalone platform. It's a gateway used by Instagrammers, business owners and influencers to usher their audience toward more information or the next step in their customer journey.

Given the mobile-centric nature of Instagram usage, ensuring a mobile-friendly design is paramount. You can include an array of engaging elements on your Instagram landing page, such as:

  • Rich Content
  • Visual Graphics
  • Links to Detailed Blog Posts
  • Product Showcase
  • Email Subscription Opportunities
  • Strategic Affiliate Links
  • Exclusive Deals
  • Compelling Testimonials
  • Captivating Videos

WHY YOU SHOULD ABANDON LINKTREE (and Similar Alternatives)

Crafted Creative champions a distinct approach over conventional solutions like Linktree. Here's why you should avoid falling into the trap:

Direct Your Traffic

  • Embedding a third-party service like Linktree creates an additional layer between your audience and your website. By sidestepping this approach, you retain full control of your user experience, capitalising on valuable SEO and pixel data for optimised ad performance.

Reliability Matters

  • Linktree's history of glitches and extended downtime poses a threat to your online presence. Crafted Creative's strategy ensures uninterrupted accessibility for your followers, safeguarding your credibility.

Seize Control

  • Placing your trust in external platforms relinquishes your control. Reports of Linktree being flagged as spam by Instagram underscore the risk of having your link-in-bio blocked without notice.

On-Brand Brilliance

  • You should value your brand identity. Unlike Linktree's limited customisation options, our method enables you to infuse your landing page with your signature colours and fonts, ensuring a cohesive and memorable brand experience across all touch-points.

Cost-Effective Excellence

  • While a free version of Linktree exists, crafting a polished and professional appearance often requires a monthly investment. With Crafted Creative's solution, you take the reins without recurring costs, shaping your online presence with precision.


Now, let's embark on the journey of creating your personalised Instagram landing page with Crafted Creative's expert guidance.

For existing website owners, the process is seamless. However, if you're starting from scratch, Crafted Creative recommends platforms like WordPress, Wix and Squarespace for unrivalled flexibility and affordability.

Crafted Creative's Step-by-Step Blueprint:

Create a New Page

  • Craft a dedicated page on your website, strategically designed to accommodate buttons, links, and multimedia elements. Crafted Creative's touch ensures an impeccable mobile user experience, catering to the majority of Instagram's mobile audience.

Name it Right

  • Opt for a compelling name and URL for your landing page, keeping in mind its visibility in your Instagram profile. Options include "Instagram Hub," "Social Connect," "Welcome Oasis," or the simple yet inviting "Hello World."

Tailored for Instagram

  • To ensure your landing page remains exclusively accessible to your Instagram audience, employ no-indexing and disable SEO. Safeguard your landing page's purity by refraining from internal linking from other sections of your website.


Unleash your brand's potential on Instagram through a bespoke landing page that seamlessly captivates, engages, and guides your audience. At Crafted Creative, we're committed to crafting experiences that resonate, driving your brand towards sustained success. Let's shape your Instagram journey together.

Contact us to discuss what we can bring to your Instagram landing page.

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